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Cub Work Session #33

I was unable to attend Saturday's work session, but I just got a report from Jerry. Good progress was made on the wing. A problem with the placement of a pulley that has puzzled us for weeks was finally solved by looking at the other wing. Turns out we were missing a bushing. The aileron attach brackets are now all in place, the center one having been riveted in on Saturday. Unfortunately, we had one minor setback. When torquing one of the drag strut bolts the threads stripped out of the aluminum insert. We'll have to order a new strut. Meanwhile, Tom Young has agreed to receive the fuselage on Wednesday, so getting it to Hagerstown will be the main focus of Wednesday's (October 19th) work session. Jerry has arranged to rent a truck and we'll meet at the Cub's hangar around 9:30. Ernie
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