Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #28

The wing is really starting to come together. The complicated repair to the wing rib where the window attaches is complete. Many other internal parts of the wing have been loosely fitted in place including all of the compression struts and the new inboard end rib. Pulleys for the aileron control cable have been fitted and we are ready to run the new cable through the leads. Still, there is some major work to be done. A new hinge bracket needs to be installed on the aileron and then the aileron needs to be test-hung on the wing in order to ensure everything lines up. Drag and anti-drag wires will be installed and then everything measured, adjusted, and tightened to make the wing rigid and square. The final step will be the delicate job of installing our new leading edge skins. The next work session will be Saturday, September 24th at 9:30. Because some of us will be away and the picnic on Oct. 1, there will be no work sessions next week.
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