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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #23

Work continued on the wing and ailerons Wednesday in preparation for reassembly. The focus was on cleaning areas of minor surface corrosion with scotch-brite and acetone. Mike brought in an etching primer which was very lightly sprayed on critical parts of the spars for further corrosion protection. On Tuesday, Robert and Jerry inspected hangar 33 and found it to be in good shape, so they decided to rent it for the Cub. We swept out the new hangar and then “taxied” the fuselage down there. A new work bench, donated by Mike Hendricks, was installed and other larger parts were moved in as well. All of the hardware needed to reassemble the wing has arrived, so the first stages of that process will likely begin next time. The next work session will be Wednesday, September 7th at 9:30.
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