Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #22

Another good turnout resulted in a lot being accomplished on Saturday. A new aluminum reinforcement was made for the aileron false spar in order to attach a hinge bracket whose rivet holes were too large. The wingtip bow was further sanded, cleaned, and then finished with an epoxy varnish. Work also continued on the ailerons and wing to get them completely clean and ready for reassembly. All of the new hardware needed has been ordered and should arrive soon. Meanwhile, to our surprise, a hangar became available for the Cub. Jerry and Robert will meet with Nick, the assistant airport manager, on Tuesday to inspect the hangar. It is one of the south hangars - #33. We’re told that, unlike some of its neighbors, this hangar has a paved floor. The next work session will be Wednesday, August 31st at 9:30. Assuming we get the hangar, we may move the fuselage and some other parts into it that day. Work on the wing will also continue. There will be no work session the following Saturday due to the labor day holiday.
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