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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #16

Earlier this week the first batch of small steel parts came back from being sandblasted. The project on Wednesday was to get them cleaned and epoxy primed. Mike Hendricks made a great set of drying racks which we assembled first. We then blasted all of the parts with compressed air to remove any remaining dust from the sandblasting. A cleaning with solvent followed by a final wipe-down with tack rags prepared the parts for painting. We then mixed the epoxy paint and took a short break while we waited for it to be ready for use. Then the painting began. We gave all the parts two coats. A second batch of parts (fewer parts, but larger) will go to the shop for sandblasting soon. In the meantime we will continue work on the wing. A number of parts in the wing will need cleaning and priming. Some new replacement parts for the wing will also arrive this week. So work on the wing will continue Saturday August 6th at 9:30.
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