Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Est. 1975

Cub Work Session #13

Wednesday's Cub work session began with a major organization project. We went through all of the boxes and shelves in the Zodiac's hangar to collect together all of the steel parts (besides the fuselage) that will need to be blasted. Many needed further disassembly and cleaning. Once that was done, we separated them into two groups according to size and boxed them up. We then made calls to Tom Young and the Primo Motorcycle shop. Tom confirmed that he would do the welding repairs on our fuselage. However, between his work schedule and the hot weather, he said he wanted to wait a couple of months before doing that work. The Motorcycle shop folks said we could bring the smaller parts to them any time. We decided to give them the box of smaller parts first which Jerry dropped off at the shop on his way home. They said they would have the parts ready by the end of next week. The decision was then made to go ahead and work on a wing. We moved the right wing into the Chapter house, but did not do anything further with it. Meanwhile, Robert reports that some of the finished engine parts have begun arriving at his shop. Right now, the thinking is that reassembly of the engine will wait until we have a completed airplane to mount it on. The next work session will be Saturday, July 23rd. The Frederick Sport Flyers will have a breakfast business meeting at the restaurant at 8:00. The work session will begin at 9:30. The plan is to uncover the wing, inspect it and see what repairs might need to be made.
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