Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #9

Four members got together on Wednesday the 22nd to continue work on removing paint, cleaning, and inspecting metal parts. One very important part inspected was the fuel tank. For sixteen years the plane sat filled with about half a tank of auto gas. After draining the fuel and removing all the fittings, inspection revealed a thick coat of varnish coating much of the tank. Jerry and Mike fitted plugs to the drain holes and then put acetone in the tank to let it soak in hopes of removing the varnish. Even after only a short time, the acetone seemed to be doing the job. Later, the tank will be pressure tested for leaks. We?re all hoping the tank proves to be serviceable, since it would be expensive to replace. The day before, four of us made the pilgrimage to Lock Haven to attend the "Sentimental Journey" Cub fly-in. The trip proved worthwhile. We were able to see some good examples of what a good restoration looks like and how things like shoulder harnesses and radios can be installed. A couple of the planes were immaculate show pieces. Jerry commented that you'd be afraid to fly a plane like that for fear of a bug strike. We also saw a fuselage restoration in progress and learned that the wooden stringers can now be replaced with aluminum. The ?Cub Doctor? Clyde Smith Jr. was there and we spoke to him briefly. He could offer no ideas or help finding a place for our fuselage work. Jerry intends to talk with the Fabric Workshop instructor about that this weekend and we're still hoping to get Tom Young's input as well. Due to the fabric workshop, the next work day for the Cub will not be until Wednesday, June 29 at 9:30.
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