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Cub Work Session #6

Six of us worked Thursday on some of the messy tasks of cleaning and stripping paint off some of the many smaller parts of the Cub. Chris Gunther did a great job of patiently removing the thick layers of dirt from the windshield. The result of his efforts were impressive. The windshield proved to be in good shape under all that grime, so that's one less thing we'll have to replace. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the lower cowling. A lot of time was spent cleaning, removing rivets, and inspecting the cowling only to conclude that it contained just too many cracks and old patches to be worth saving. The messiest task involved using chemical paint stripper to scrape layers of paint from the jury struts and a number of other small parts. Mike Hendricks brought in a drill with an abrasive disk that he used to clean and inspect some of the tubing in the tail as well a sections of the struts. We were very pleased to learn that the struts are in good shape and will not need to be replaced -- another major cost savings. Meanwhile, the search continues for a place to have the airframe bead blasted, painted, and the tail tubing repaired. Jerry also talked to the folks working on our engine parts and everything with that part of the project continues to look good. The next work session will be Wednesday, June 8 at 9:30. The plan is to continue to work on cleaning and inspecting small parts.
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