Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #2

Seven people showed up Wednesday morning to work on the Cub. Jerry and Mike Hendricks did a beautiful job of building a wooden crate to house the crankshaft for shipping. Meanwhile, the rest of us got to work on the fuselage. We got the windshield, instrument panel, fuel tank, engine mount, and boot cowl removed. Much of the control system was also disconnected. Numerous screws and bolts that had not seen a wrench in many years made it a challenge at times, but we made good progress. Jerry is unavailable the next two Saturdays, so our next official work day will be next Wednesday, May 18th [at 9:30]. However, in the meantime Mike Hendricks is going to work on a crate for the crankcase and Jerry is going to consult with a fellow in York regarding places we might send the engine parts for inspection and repair.
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