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Cub Work Session #3

Cub progress report for Wednesday 5/18: Don Gray, Chris Gunther, Jerry Blake, Mike Hendricks and I met Wednesday morning to make further progress on the Cub. Jerry and Mike spent most of the day preparing the engine parts to be shipped out to Oklahoma for cleaning and inspection. Mike made a really nice crate for the crankcase. The rest of us worked on finishing the job of removing the interior and control systems. Doug Kelly and Rex Bullinger arrived in the afternoon to inspect our work. When we left, Jerry was on his way to the UPS store to send off the engine parts. Chris also left with some small parts he could clean using a machine he has at work. The next work day will be next Wednesday, May 25th. The fabric will be removed from the fuselage and we will get our first good look at the condition of the structure. We will then be looking for a place that can bead blast, repair if necessary, and paint the airframe.
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