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Cub Work Session #79

Progress continued with the boot cowl and control system today. Strips of felt padding were cut and glued to the framework to which the boot cowl is attached. Holes were punched through the felt to allow for the screws. Then the cowl itself was once more fitted in the hope that all the holes would still match up. (We couldn't resist setting the new instrument panel in place.) Meanwhile, a lot of time was devoted to the torque tube assembly for the control sticks. The two bearing surfaces were cleaned and then the process of fitting the bearing halves together with bolts and shims to ensure smooth movement was begun. We found that we may need more shims and Mike said he could make some. While all this was going on, Chris visited a local paint shop to inquire if they might be able to do some of our metal painting. They are supposed to get back to him soon. The next work session will be this coming Saturday, May 6th at 9:30. There is a running festival going on this weekend and the routing uses roads near the airport, although it appears the main race is on Sunday. If roads are in use by the event, the best way into the airport will be by way of Monocracy Blvd. from the South to Bucheimer Rd.
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